Friday, 30 January 2009

Today i had some new photos taken for my clothing company! These are only a couple but i had to re-do a bunch of old ones which i looked pretty terrible in! Okay so i know the first one is a bit sexual for a clothing company but it started off being just a casual shoot for my friend's photography, but then i decided i might aswell use it anyway.


This is one of my favourite jackets that i sell. It's not one of the ones i actually make myself, but oh well i like it anyway. And it's so so soft inside, gorgeous cotton fleece! :)


Oh and i found another biro sketch to show you, i did half of this one sitting in the fields near my dads house and then finished it sitting on the hills overlooking my house. I don't know why i always need to be sitting in the open air in order to do these drawings considering they're not drawn from life. But i guess i just have to get outside in order to feel inspired, considering i spend my entire day (every day) sitting in my room staring at a computer screen!


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  1. I read your blog listening to System Of A Down - Aerials was wonderful .....
    you linker