Thursday, 26 February 2009

First portrait in 3 years

It's been a while since my last post. I've as always been too busy making clothes to fit in any art. But then a couple of days ago my wonderful boyfriend asked if I would draw him and his friend, so I did. I haven't drawn portraits like these in over 3 years, so it was quite a challenge, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.




Sunday, 15 February 2009


Finally trying to get a bit of drawing into my daily routine! I started this mushroom one ageees ago and just picked it up again. I’m getting there, (very) slowly!



And here’s another that I’ve recently started on, not really sure where I’m going with it at all, but my head is so focused on sewing at the moment that I need to force myself to find time for something fun that isn’t work related!


Hope everyone had a good Valentines day yesterday!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Beautiful Frost : )

Look at the lovely frost patterns on my windows this morning! I know I’m not the best photographer, but I had to take some, I’ve never seen frost look so pretty. It almost makes up for not being able to feel my fingers as I type :D It looks like giant snails have been up all night partying on my windows.



Wednesday, 11 February 2009

PVC Clothing by me!

So I’ve hardly done any drawing lately, but I have been working pretty much 15 hour days, designing and making and selling new clothes. So I thought I’d show a couple of my most recent ones and continue promising to get some new drawings up on here soon!

To view the rest, feel free to visit My Website

PVC dominatrix jacket


Friday, 6 February 2009

New Clothing by me!!

I’ve been really busy lately so I havn’t had much chance to write, but I’m here now! I’ve actually been getting a few orders which makes me very happy and when I havn’t been doing that, I’ve been busy designing and making new things, as well as attempting to have some sort of social life and find time for meals. Oh and i'm also finding the odd half hour a day to keep on sketching. This is why there are not enough hours in the day, i have far too much i want to achieve!

I still have lots more new ideas but here’s what I’ve been done so far...i made all of these yesterday.

black music skirt

leopard print slashes top

zebra print slashes top

black pvc bustier

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow Day!

I can’t believe how much snow we’ve had lately! I’ve never seen such deep snow my whole life! On Monday morning I was completely shocked when I opened my eyes to this…..


Here’s the lovely view of the hills outside of my window and below is the view of my street taken from the hill in the evening.



Sunday, 1 February 2009

Drawing My Thoughts

I just spent 10 minutes hanging out of my window trying to catch snowflakes on my mousemat to take a photo of, but my laptop started to get bombarded so i thought i'd best give up!

This is how I’m feeling today...

Calm and at peace. And a little bit up in the clouds.

I’ve been messaging this guy on myspace and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to know someone so fast and enjoyed talking to them quite so much. It’s not just casual chatting, it is literally writing an essay or letter back and forth several times a day. I admit men do message me quite a lot on myspace, but only on a few occasions have I actually gone on to getting to know them well and becoming good friends. This guy however, I have so much in common with that it’s almost funny, it’s almost as if he’s my long lost brother or something (though I hope not!)

Anyway I’ve met various men off the internet in the past (always carefully!) but this guy lives 3 hours away from me so we haven’t met. I know it shouldn’t be possible to have feelings for someone if you’ve never met them, because no matter how well you know them in writing, the personality you mentally create for them will never be quite accurate unless you see them in person, but I can’t help it.

It’s also terrible timing because I have a plan and my plan is to be married to my career for several years at least before allowing myself to be distracted by meeting new men or finding space for another human to be part of my life, but I’m just so curious as to what meeting this guy would be like. I’m torn between not losing focus and not letting potentially awesome experiences pass me by.

Letting go…

Do you think it’s possible to have feelings for someone without having even met them? I don’t even know whether if we ever met he’d actually view me as more than a friend or not. But I’ve never before felt a connection with someone quite like this. Without even meaning to or realising, he seems to make my whole attitude towards life so positive and appreciative. I even feel like I’m starting to let go of the negative experiences in my past.

Regardless of what happens, this is how I feel right now-letting go, ready to start over :)