Friday, 6 February 2009

New Clothing by me!!

I’ve been really busy lately so I havn’t had much chance to write, but I’m here now! I’ve actually been getting a few orders which makes me very happy and when I havn’t been doing that, I’ve been busy designing and making new things, as well as attempting to have some sort of social life and find time for meals. Oh and i'm also finding the odd half hour a day to keep on sketching. This is why there are not enough hours in the day, i have far too much i want to achieve!

I still have lots more new ideas but here’s what I’ve been done so far...i made all of these yesterday.

black music skirt

leopard print slashes top

zebra print slashes top

black pvc bustier


  1. I know how you feel about time. Seems like the more I need, the less I have. Love the last outfit. So vixen... =)

  2. your clothing is beautiful and your hair is great ,,,I liked
    ****(sorry ,,my english is bad)

  3. wow..nice girl
    slim body,no fat,tit bigger,face beauty,hair stly..i like u
    so when u see me..what do u think..about me
    see my blogger..

  4. i really like the second one! wow you're so talented and creative :)